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Girl, Interrupted

or you can watch a beautiful but also disturbing movie "Girl, Interrupted".

The film was made in 1999 and is an adaptation of a book written by Susana Kaysen by the same title. The book is a detailed account of Susana's stay in a mental hospital called Claymore.

We meet Susana (Winona Ryder) for the first time when she decides to admit herself in Claymore. She does it voluntarily, however, she constantly denies the fact that she was trying to kill herself. She claims that she had a severe headache and she was trying to make it go away.

In the hospital she meets a few girls who are old residents there. Her new roommate is Georgina (Clea DuVall), quite a nice girl who is friendly to Susana and tells her a bit about other girls. Later, however, Susana finds out that Georgina is a pathological liar. On the same day she makes friends with Daisy (a truly perfect Brittany Murphy), who never eats in a canteen and loves only the chicken her father makes. She hides a whole pile of it under her bad. The next girl is Polly (Elisabeth Moss) a victim of a terrible accident where, according to Georgina, she poured gasoline on herself and set herself on fire. She also befriends Janet (Angela Bettis), who is suffering from anorexia and Cynthia (Jillian Armenante), who is a lesbian. The one who supervises the ward is RN Valerie (great Whoopi Goldberg), who sees Susana as a spoiled girl who drives herself crazy, but later helps her in the time of need.

However, the most important acquaintance is made later when Susana encounters Lisa Rowe (an Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie), a sociopath, who likes to push people's buttons. She is an unquestionable leader in the ward and likes to cause chaos and rebellion. She is very often a ringleader and an instigator of events. Girls try to interact with each other while battling their own deamons and sickness.

I really liked the movie and all the characters. Each girl was different, had different reactions to situations, different problems, and also different mechanisms to cope with them. Such movies, which explore human nature, are always interesting to me. I truly enjoyed the performace of Brittany Murphy and Angelina Jolie. I read somewhere that the movie was supposed to be Ryder's "come back film". She was supposed to be a star. And she is, but Murphy and Jolie outshine her for sure.

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