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Eden Lake

              I usually don't watch horror movies because in recent years, instead of being scary, they are just disgusting. But because for some time I have been following the career of Michael Fassbender I decided to see "Eden Lake" despite my previous reservations.

A young couple wants to run away from a big city for a weekend and so they go to a beautiful lake somewhere in England. They take a tent, some food, blankets and bathing suits :) and enjoy themselves, sunbathing and swimming in the lake. On some point, however, a group of kids wanders to the beach and starts to play loud music. Jenny (Kelly Reilly) asks Steve (Michael Fassbender) to tell them to turn the music down. Steve does, but the kids don't feel like listening to him it seems. The next day they all meet again, an argument breaks and while a struggle Steve accidently stabs and kills a dog. Brett (excellent and very convincing Jack O'Connell) - the apparent leader of the gang and the owner of the dog - orders a hunt. And what a hunt that is.

The movie itself didn't scare me that much. There was blood and a lot of violence of course (otherwise it wouldn't be a horror movie). The more scary and very disturbing was the end of the film together with its message.

I read somewhere that the production was widely criticized for being unfair to the working class and for putting lower class in a very bad light. Well, I don't know about those accusations. For me the film was mostly about crazy, violent, bored kids who will stop at nothing, even murder. Kids who will torture somebody, who will force their friends to watch and do the same, and who will kill just because somebody dared to disagree with them. But what can we expect when, at the end of the film, we have a chance to meet their lovely parents.

The most horrific thing is the fact that such people exist everywhere. Doesn't matter the country or the background or the class. And the scariest thing is that it can happen to anyone if you have the misfortune to be in a wrong place at a wrong time.

For the compelling to "stop and think" ending of the film, I recommend it wholeheartedly.

One of the most disturbing films I have seen in years

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