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The Diary of a Young Girl

               A truly remarkable book written by a remarkable girl. The Diary of a Young Girl is a "must read" for everyone.
Anna, a girl who dreams about maybe some day becoming a writer or a journalist, is given a diary for her 13th birthday. She decides to call the notebook Kitty and all the time while writing in it, it feels like she is talking with her best friend. She tells the diary all her secrets and all the troubles, she tells about her father, whom she loves very much. And about her mother, who is very different from her, and with whom Anna feels no connection. She also writes about her sister Margot, who is very sweet and smart accroding to Anna.

And there would be nothing extraordinary about the story, apart from the fact that she was writing her diary while hiding with her whole family and a few friends for two years during the second World War. They were living in the attic in an office building where her father worked. For all this time they could not go out, talk to anyone apart from themselves and some close friends who helped them. They couldn't even open the curtains in the windows.

Anna writes about many things in her diary. About the attic, people who live with her, her parents, her sister, about her character, her dreams, her fears, the war, Hitler and the Nazi and all the cruelties, which the Jews had to face during that horrible times. She shares everything as it is with Kitty, a thus with us - the readers.

 By reading this book we have a unique opportunity to get an insight into the time of war. We can read the account of a person who knows it from her own experience. And while reading it we have to learn and remember.

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