czwartek, 6 czerwca 2013

Little Britain

               I am not a big fan of TV series and apart from maybe three I have not seen a whole series ever. However, after seeing bits and pieces of Little Britain I decided to watch everything just to find out if all of them were good and as funny as the pieces I saw. I must say that most of them were.

                Even when you don't appresiate the humor and all the skits which David Walliams and Matt Lucas do you have to appreciate the nerve they have. If I try to imagine such series in my country about my country man I samohow doubt it would work. Maybe British people have more distance to themselves or better sense of humor. 

               Over the years many characters appeared on the show:

Andy and Lue



Hipnotist Kenny Craig

Emily and Florance

Majrorie Dawes

Bubbles De Verve

Sebastian and the Prime Minister



                  and many more. Lucas and Walliams do all the characters themselves. Their transformations are amasing and fun. I know that the show has been accused of being racist and homophobic but I don't think so. We have to remember that the characters have to be colored in order to make them more memorable and noticable. Enjoy !!!

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