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Twin Peaks

               Once in a blue moon a film or a TV series appear and it is an instant success, which continues as such although the times passes. Ten or twenty years change nothing in that respect. Such productions change our perception of television or cinema and they set new path for film and series makers. Such a TV series is undoubtedly "Twin Peaks" created by David Lynch and Mark Frost.

I don't want to describe the whole action of the series. It is better to see it of course. I just have to say that I first saw it around 20 years ago. I was just a kid then and I remembered certain characters and scenes but nothing much. And I didn't really understand what was going on. Even then though, I was very much impressed by the story. And so, a few months ago I decided to watch the series with my friend, who, by some miracle, didn't see it yet.

I don't really understand why this series is so great but the first seven episodes simply blew my away :). There is everyting you would like to see in the cult TV series. A small, nice town which slowly and painfully reveals its dark secrets. The characters we meet when the action unfolds become darker and darker. The main character - Laura - who is considered to be a sweet and innocent girl turns out to be quite opposite. And of course we have a big city boy, Dale Cooper, who is a bit strange himself and who falls in love with the town (and mostly with coffee and pie) almost instantly. He becomes friends with the local sheriff and together they try to untangle the misterious death. It all seems to be fairly uncomplicated. However, as we find out later, there are some strange things happening in Twin Peaks and the murder is the least strange one.

The series explore dark human nature. We all have something bad inside us and some of us try to fight it and some give in to it. Cooper seems to be pure and good, but his soul will have to undergo many trials during his stay in the town. And the question is what will happen to him after the case is over.

David Linch is simply this director, whom you have to know if you consider yourself "movie lover". There is no other choice. He has his own, very distinguished and singular style. He made some great movies and a TV series which people even in fifty years will watch and learn from. I sometimes have difficulties in understanding the message of Linch's movies, but I still appreciate and admire his unique style and the atmosphere, which he can create in his pictures.

The beggining 

Spectacular Kyle MacLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper

The most famous dead girl of all times - Laura Palmer


The Log Lady

Donna and James

Bobby and Shelly


The famous bird

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